Alchemy Acquires Web3 Developer Education Platform Chainshot
  • ChainShot was founded by Cody McCabe and Dan Nolan in 2018.
  • ChainShot provides Ethereum developers with foundational knowledge.

Alchemy, a blockchain development firm, has just announced that it has acquired ChainShot, a Web3 developer education platform. This is the first purchase in Alchemy’s history, and the business sees it as “a major step towards free access to high-quality web3 education.” 

As part of the purchase, ChainShot courses, which previously cost up to $3,000, would be provided at no cost going forward, according to Elan Halpern, the company’s developer relations head. Alchemy refused to comment on the specifics of the sale.

Lack of Educational Opportunities

ChainShot was founded by Cody McCabe and Dan Nolan in 2018 after winning hackathon project at ETH Denver. At the time, they realized there was a significant lack of educational opportunities in the blockchain industry.

ChainShot provides Ethereum developers with the foundational knowledge they need to build upon, in the form of courses and a boot camp, to create smart contracts and other blockchain applications. Topics covered include: the Solidity programming language; decentralized oracles; cryptographic hashes; and digital signatures.

Corporation enrollments have almost tripled since January 2022, and the company claims to have enjoyed “explosive growth” during the last four years. Graduates of the program often find employment with industry leaders.

McCabe stated:

“We took that opportunity to develop a platform, and what we were trying to focus on is how we can improve that and how we can help onboard Web2 developers into the Web3 space.”

For the foreseeable future, Alchemy will be concentrating on bringing aboard the surge of “incredible talent” that is streaming into the industry, as stated by Halpern.

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