Pip Announces Integration Within Binance Ecosystem to Bring Web3 Payments to Web2 Services
  • Meirelles is all set to join Binance’s advisory board.
  • In 2003, Henrique Meirelles was elected president of the Central Bank of Brazil.

Despite the ongoing Crypto Winter, the world’s biggest exchange by trading volume, Binance, is making strides to grow its staff. A former governor of Brazil’s central bank has lately joined the exchange’s management.

On Monday, O Globo, a newspaper located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, reported the news. Henrique Meirelles, a renowned economist, has reportedly been recruited by Binance. Additionally, Meirelles served as the president of Brazil’s central bank. Meirelles has been invited to join Binance’s advisory board. The company issued a statement lately that seems to back up the claim.

The exchange stated:

“Binance confirms the participation of Henrique Meirelles in the company’s new global advisory board and reports that it will release more details about this initiative soon.”

Capitalizing on the Situation

In 2003, Henrique Meirelles was elected president of the Central Bank of Brazil. The economist, now 77 years old, stayed in his job until 2011. Meirelles was Brazil’s Minister of Finance during Michel Temer’s administration. Meirelles is not only a prominent politician in Brazil but also the head of the board of directors for the investment firm J&F Investmentos SA.

Having someone of this stature on board is a clear indication of the company’s importance on a worldwide scale. As a result, working at Binance is becoming an increasingly prestigious opportunity. CZ, CEO of Binance, made this observation on Twitter last month, saying that there are hundreds of phoney employment accounts on LinkedIn.

Although several companies have been forced to lay off employees due to the Crypto Winter, Binance seems undeterred. Back in June, when the Crypto Winter was at its hardest, CZ announced that the exchange would be attempting to capitalize on the situation.

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