• Terra LUNA lies dead at $0.0121.
  • Binance officially announces to delist LUNA.
  • Crypto.com prohibits trade of LUNA temporarily.

With the ongoing LUNA and UST crisis, the whole world is glued to their eyes witnessing such an event. The true event of a crypto dropping down to almost nothing, with the pass of each second. 

In spite of this, the LUNA is currently at the price of $0.0121, with the graphs dropping down dead by 99.54%, for the past 24 hours. Within the past 24 hours, besides LUNA, UST too has been sulumping down. 

Currently, UST is at the price of $0.0485, with the graph dead down by 5.18%, for the past 24 hours taken into consideration. The entire Terra platform is about to collapse anytime. 

As a result, from a few hours back, many exchanges started to take their charge against LUNA. Many prominent exchanges, such as Bitrue, Crypto.com, have indeed temporarily suspended the trading of LUNA. 

Besides the announcements being only temporary, most predict that until or unless LUNA surfaces get back on track, the more and more exchanges will delist them even, ultimately leading to a catastrophic event.

The Delisting by Binance

Accordingly, many crypto exchanges came forth one by one, halting the trade of UST and stopping all smart contracts based on UST. Similarly, the latest to join the league against LUNA, is the world’s biggest globally spread crypto exchange platform, Binance. 

Bianance has officially put out its announcement that the exchange will be delisting LUNA completely, if LUNA touched below the rock bottom ground price of $0.005! Firstly starting off by delisting LUNA from futures trading, subsequently will follow the smart contracts running and much more. 

Moreover, upon the tweet, Binance states that if LUNA price drops to $0.005, then it will completely delist the token. Also, the CEO of Binance, CZ Binance, terms that pegged stablecoins are completely worthless and should never be considered as a stablecoin, ever! 


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