• Crypto enthusiasts are freaking around with their favorite crypto tattoos.
  • More than 900 people etched the logos of BTC “B”, DOGE and ETH tattoos.
  • Google searches for crypto tattoos have spiked over 222% last year. 

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest topics around the world today. People are just going crazy in trading and investing in digital currencies as in turn  earning good profits as well. Thus, the freak in cryptocurrencies led many users to ink tattoos of their favorite tokens logo on their skin permanently.

Interestingly, the search in social networks like Google and instagram just spiked by 222% in the last one year. Notably, the craze in the cryptocurrencies is really boosting high, where over 900 people have etched the symbol of Bitcoin “B” around the world.

Besides, there are some crypto devotees who are very eager for these digital assets. Some of them have inked the logos of their favorite digital currencies on their body for a lifetime.  If the same case continues, then crypto tattoos will hit the moon soon!

Freak of Crypto Tattoos

As Bitcoin  is the king of all the cryptocurrencies, the followers and users are really high where BTC holders will love the coin even if it crashes. Like Bitcoin, there are users fond of their own crypto currencies as well. In that list, we have the father of the Bitcoin family, Didi Taihuttu, the early adopter of BTC ink in 2017. 

Following the Bitcoin showman, a Bitcoin author and podcaster- Anita Posch etched a tattoo on her forearm. In addition, she wrote a brief note in a Bitcoin documentary titled, “Human B” which says tattoos “represent energy.”

Surprisingly, the crypto devoted followers are also a huge fan of Dogecoin (DOGE). Even though the popular meme-coin is out of the top ten cryptocurrencies, it is highlighted gaining with 700 average monthly searches for crypto tattoos. Furthermore, some of the Dogecoin fans are printing the full logo of the original Shiba Inu dog.

Additionally, to these most popular cryptocurrencies tattoos, we also have Ethereum’s diamond-shaped geometric figure logo on the followers skin as a permanent ink. Along with these digital currencies, NFT tattoos are also gaining popularity in the crypto tattoo community.


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