GoDaddy Being Sued by Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Team
  • Manifold Finance revealed that it has acquired the domain name
  • The primary developer at ENS, Nick.eth, questioned the legitimacy of the transaction.

A lawsuit was launched against GoDaddy, Dynadot, and Manifold Finance on Monday by Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the business behind .eth domain name. The lawsuit was launched by True Names Ltd. on behalf of itself and the currently jailed Virgil Griffith over allegations that GoDaddy had failed to “respect, acknowledge, and protect” the domain name.

Dispute Over Domain

The non-profit organization funding and coordinating ENS development, True Names, is suing for at least $75,000. GoDaddy stated on August 25 that the domain will expire on September 5. Before, the registrar had let Griffith’s proxy renew the domain, but this time around, they wouldn’t budge. 

As of September 3rd, the domain name has been purportedly moved to another registrar called Dynadot LLC, who promptly placed it up for auction.

The filing argued:

“The sale will disable a valuable cryptocurrency network and recklessly risk making it available to scores of malicious actors. And the domain name is now purportedly and wrongfully held by Manifold Finance, Inc.”

On September 3, the DeFi business Manifold Finance revealed through Twitter that it has acquired the domain name Domain Name Wire reports that the acquisition price was $851,919.

The primary developer at ENS, Nick.eth, questioned the legitimacy of the transaction to Manifold on the grounds that the domain name had not yet expired. Nick, however, was “looking at the wrong info” according to Manifold about the domain’s expiration. ENS users need since it was being used to connect ENS domain names to the Web2 DNS. 

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