Michael Saylor Criticizes Bitcoin Misinformation
  • Saylor tweeted a link to a recent blog article he authored about Bitcoin and the environment.
  • Saylor believes the world produces significantly more energy than it needs.

Michael Saylor, a Microstrategy executive, is a major believer in Bitcoin. Last week, the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a paper claiming that proof-of-work mining activities are contributing to climate change. 

The science and technology department believes the Biden administration should take action against the mining business and establish mining standards and restrictions.  Following this, Saylor tweeted a link to a recent blog article he authored about Bitcoin and the environment. 

Saylor stated:

Given the sheer volume of misinformation and propaganda circulating lately, I thought it important to share the truth regarding Bitcoin Mining and the Environment.

Bitcoin Mining and the Environment

The editorial is called Bitcoin Mining and the Environment and it discusses topics such as Bitcoin Energy Utilization, Bitcoin vs. Other Industries, Bitcoin Value Creation & Energy Intensity, Bitcoin vs. Other Cryptos, Bitcoin & Carbon Emissions, Bitcoin & Environmental Benefits, and Bitcoin & Global Energy. Each topic shows how several environmental misconceptions about the Bitcoin network can be looked at differently.

Saylor emphasizes that he feels the world produces far more energy than the planet requires. Saylor references a Bitcoin Mining Council presentation on the topic of Bitcoin vs. Other Industries. Saylor also discussed the Bitcoin network and the environmental benefits that the technology provides. Saylor mentioned the CEO of Geneious and ESG analyst, Daniel Batten, who published several papers about the subject. 


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