Orbs Offers Blockchain Infrastructure Through TON to the Masses

In an effort to accelerate the use of blockchain technology, Orbs is extending its operations to The Open Network (TON). It is a major step in Orbs’ objective to aid developers in creating superior decentralized protocols and solutions, and the first non-EVM L1 solution it has supported.

Between the L1/L2 solution in place and the application layer, Orbs runs a distinct decentralized infrastructure layer. In essence, it expands the blockchain’s tiers, making sure developers don’t skimp on decentralization only to appeal to a wider audience. In addition, Orbs enhances preexisting L1 blockchain layers by placing special emphasis on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Orbs and its ambitious goals have taken a significant step forward with the support of The Open Network (TON). The TON team thinks it has a good chance of becoming the L1 solution that makes blockchain prevalent. Although neither network has reached the level of maturity attained by EVM-compatible networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, or Polygon, they both show great potential.

There will be no wavering in Orbs’ dedication to EVM, and the company will keep looking for ways to expand to new markets with billions of potential customers. It has been difficult to identify an appropriate L1 capable of supporting this level of expansion, but TON is a strong contender. There are already over a billion active TON users, and the network is growing quickly.

Orbs plans to use TON as a foundation for its future expansion, with the help of the network. Under the Orbs brand, TON will release a variety of applications, products, and services. Its technology enables researchers to test out novel L3 applications for both current and future network protocols.


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