The growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the past two years is huge where NFT sales exploded last year. The new trends in the crypto industry are still grasping the attention of the users and the rise in crypto users is increasing. As a witness to these massive changes, Twitter has also revealed reports on the biggest trends of the past year. The data of the past two years in the finance sector is recorded as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

According to the rep of the Twitter platform, the company shared cryptocurrencies as the “fast-growing conversion topic”. Moreover, the report says that the top trend in the finance category is cryptocurrency and NFT which has seen a 242% rise. Almost 78% gain has been witnessed in financial tweets over a year. This finalizes that this sector has also attracted the non-professional of this industry. Besides, the top crypto topics in Twitter are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and then Cardano, DeFi, Binance, and more potential projects.

NFTs and Fan Token Blasted

As a matter of fact, NFTs and unique tokens have exploded in Twitter which has seen 242% growth in the past year. According to the report, even Decentralized exchanges and stablecoins topics also have seen a similar percent of growth. Some popular cryptocurrencies topics have also experienced gaining metrics over 200% recently in Twitter. 

Additionally, the “fan tokens” are the major blasting topics in Twitter and this crypto sector. These fan tokens have seen a 994% increase year-over-year. Popular figures and institutional investors have got interested in cryptocurrencies and shared comments related to cryptocurrencies topics. Consequently, Twitter has labeled Bitcoin ATMs, NFT stocks, Zcash, and Cypherpunk movement as “emerging topics”. “Emerging talk about entry-level products may make the typical individual comfortable investing,” Twitter suggested.

The recent launch of a new feature in the Twitter platform conveys strong support to the crypto industry. Former CEO, Jack Dorsey’s interest in Bitcoin and Twitter’s launch of NFT profile pictures implementation and Bitcoin Lightning Network Tipping features shows the healthy viewpoint for cryptocurrencies. In addition, Twitter’s Director of Financial Services Jeff Melei mentioned in a blog as:

“With folks on Twitter, we’re seeing a surge of passionate crypto-enthusiasts. 3.2x more likely than non-Twitter users to contemplate investing in cryptocurrency.”

Furthermore, Twitter declares that cryptocurrencies “may help the unbanked”. It implies that it could provide a digital financial alternative for individuals who cannot open or access a traditional bank account. Following this, the platform also advised NFT creators not to get involved in the NFT bandwagon – rather suggesting to create something important to the community.


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