• Vitalik Buterin is quite unhappy with ETHDubai. 
  • Expresses majority of the views are towards personal profits.
  • Though many CEO’s defend against Vitalik, Charles Hoskinson supports Vitalik’s views.

Though the Bitcoin (BTC) may be the big daddy of crypto, the Ethereum (ETH) has its own way of being the largest altcoin in many terms. As many terms, there are indeed high chances for ETH to follow the same traits as BTC. 

In such etrms, the co-founder of ETH, Vitalik Buterin is currently not so happy with the way the ETH community and platform is going ahead. Especially with the grand ETH even in Dubai a few days back, named ETHDubai, saw mixed views. 

Buterin Vs. The Other Perspectives

Truly, after ETHDubai, Vitalik Buterin states that he clearly got a picture on how the majority of the people views ETH platform and the ETH ecosystem. Buterin points out that many only foresee the immediate profits and self-profit from the platform and the community rather than looking towards the boarded perspectives. 

Moreover, Buterin reveals that the technology and the developments ahead for ETH is unimaginable and grandly futuristic. However, the current greed of the majority of the people will only make the ETH platform a platform for money, rather than its true growth potential.

Similarly, Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of ETH, also supports Vitalik Buterin that if people tend to only look towards making personal money, then the speciality towards technology development will be lost. 

At such a current rate, ETH would not be able to exploit its fullest potential towards the future developments. On the other hand, co-founder of 1inch Network, Sergej Kunz abruptly disagrees with Vitalik’s statements.

 In turn, Sergej Kunz states that apart from various new fraud projects, many legitimate projects are on the rise and highly profitable, which all are indeed a support only for the ETH platform. Apart from just scam projects, the positive side of legitimate projects and their developments has to be acknowledged, states Sergej Kunz.


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