If there is one name that everyone should familiarize themselves with quickly, it’s Wallex. Wallex is a one-and-only solution in an environment dominated by banking, custody, trust, and payment, where it is often difficult to mix traditional and crypto accounts. Wallex team considers themselves the “banking on the future” – an ecosystem which allows individuals and businesses to securely manage payments in both fiat and digital assets in a transparent and secure manner.

As Wallex is still adhering to all of the essential transparency, AML, KYC and management standards, converting from digital to fiat currency is as simple as converting Euro to USD.

What does Wallex actually do?

Wallex is best characterized as a multifaceted asset and virtual asset ecosystem that enables anybody to quickly enter the digital asset market and mix crypto-related activities into their businesses and daily lives.

To that purpose, the Wallex ecosystem offers innovative banking as well as a variety of services and features which combine blockchain technology with traditional finance. Overall, Wallex’s infrastructure aims to enable the future of physical and digital assets while also offering a new experience that rewards everyone regardless of personal background. Consequently, whether it’s an individual, a corporation, or a fintech initiative of any kind, Wallex seeks to help them all.

Because Wallex is a digital services ecosystem, the team depends on digital marketing and websites, which have all been identified as a reliable method of getting in touch with the main target groups, while also integrating a strong, local physical presence so as to prove to the users that Wallex exists first and foremost in the real world prior to taking part in the digital world.

As such, Wallex is increasing public interest in its solutions by producing digital outdoor advertising that have been featured in prominent locations around Italy, including the Stazione Milano Centrale, Venezia Airport, and Stazione Roma Termini. Wallex values its consumers and the brand; as a result, the team has prioritized investing in the platform’s clients who serve as the primary advocates.

What does Wallex have planned and how will it contribute to the industry?

Wallex intends to become a brand with a strong reputation for compliance and stability, as well as an innovative financial business strategy, during the next four years. The marketing strategy’s purpose is to bridge the gap between traditional banking goods and services and the neobanking experience of a new growing ecosystem of digital assets.

Moreover, Wallex’s objective also includes educating people about the blockchain economy, its benefits, and how to utilize it safely. Wallex therefore wants to take this further by launching the Wallex Store for educational purposes in a number of countries, as well as conducting different blockchain instructional events. Wallex Store will be a cutting-edge venue for blockchain and cryptocurrency workshops, as well as a hub for aficionados with access to online instructional materials.

Put simply, Wallex will be a key stakeholder in terms of transforming the financial sector as its mission is to spread its vision and services to all financially active individuals and businesses that wish to diversify their portfolio, develop new wealth management habits, and safely enter the world of digital assets.

What else does Wallex offer?

Wallex clients may earn interest by obtaining access to new financial opportunities beyond digital assets. These creative methods for making additional money are undoubtedly necessary in today’s relatively unstable and ever-changing society.

With that in mind, there are various custody options that offer secure, adaptive, and trustworthy solutions, and Wallex strives to be the finest in this area, having recently been recognized as a top custodian. Wallex includes a business incubator, asset protection, white label API, tokenized payments, neobanking, fiat and crypto boosters to speed up cash flow as well.

There are hence five main pillars that support Wallex’s ecosystem, namely neobanking, custody, trust, and finally the pay as well as the exchange platforms. 

Closing thoughts about Wallex

As far as the team’s future goals are concerned, they intend to continue extending the ecosystem’s worldwide footprint, launch the institutional program, and become a commercial trust for virtual currencies. Wallex will also offer stablecoin services on a large scale to help the sector gain additional mainstream adoption. Currently, Wallex also has over 500,000 clients, a turnover of more than $7.4 billion, and has onboarded 218 platforms.

Finally, Wallex strives to deliver a varied collection of services and creative features to all types of clients, covering enterprises, individuals, exchanges, innovators, OTC desks, brokers, dealers, and various others. The Wallex crew has extensive experience in domains like banking, compliance and trading, guaranteeing that regulatory and KYC criteria are maintained at all costs to ensure customer security as well as satisfaction. If you’re not excited about Wallex, you’re missing out.


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