• Anonymous whale buys 376 Billion SHIB.
  • Total value amounts to $4.61 Million.
  • SHIB is among the top ten cryptos again.

Ever since the Shiba Inu (SHIB) came into play, it indeed attracted a lot of attention. Initially, it declared openly that it will be the sole opponent for the ever famous meme based coin, the Dogecoin (DOGE)

Besides, true to its commitment, the SHIB indeed dethroned DOGE, taking its place among the top ten cryptocurrency based on market cap. Since then, there always existed a tug of war between SHIB and DOGE. 

Accordingly, an anonymous whale buyout took place for SHIB a few hours back. In spite of this, the SHIB’s overall market cap soared up, making its way once again among the top ten cryptocurrencies based on market cap. 

Will SHIB Spike Like in 2021?

In regards with the whale buyout, about approximately 376 Billion SHIB were purchased. This amounts to roughly a whopping $4.61 million. 

On the other hand, the overall trading of SHIB increased effortlessly, thereby making a rather less unstable market cap for the SHIB. The recent whale buyout has now made SHIB among the top ten cryptos. 

Currently, SHIB is trading for the price of $0.00001206, with the graphs down by 0.10%, taking into account the past 24 hours. Moreover, on 16th May, 2022, SHIB carried out a huge burnout of about 449,981,701 SHIB. 

All this 450 million SHIB were burned out through 29 different transactions. Besides, this move by SHIB, is to create a market demand, thereby directly impacting the price. With such burnouts, the prices ought to surge up. 

Furthermore, such moves shows that we can expect SHIB to hit a new ATH surpassing its previous in the year 2021. 


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